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February 3, 2020   |   Customer Experience

Accuracy, Engagement, and More: 5 Things We’ll Be Talking About at CS Week 2020

The stakes have never been higher for customer service and experience in the utilities industry. Customers want to interact with their service providers in increasingly customized ways—82% of utility customers say they want services personalized to fit their needs and preferences—but in today’s mobile landscape, the amount of time in which they are willing to engage is rapidly decreasing. In fact, on average, customers interact with their utility provider online for only 8 minutes per year. With such a short amount of time to make an impression, it is important for utility providers to maximize the impact of every customer touchpoint.

That’s why our team at Level One is looking forward to talking to utility professionals at CS Week 2020. As a Silver Sponsor of the conference, we’ll be providing insight into how to rapidly optimize utility customer service and engagement via:

1 | Billing Accuracy

Billing statements, whether print or digital, are one of the most fundamental forms of customer communications for the utilities industry. When bills are incorrect, customer satisfaction—and call center volume—suffer. In fact, billing-related issues and questions account for 42% of utility customer service calls, so making billing statements accurate and easy to understand is critical to keeping customers satisfied and call center costs low. We’ll show you how the Quality Assurance module within our OneVIEW® suite of customer experience management tools will help you ensure that only correct, approved bills reach your customers, every time.

2 | Generation-Specific Service Channels

Today, utility providers serve a population of customers that spans a wide range of ages and multiple generations. Understanding the best way to communicate with customers based on their generational preferences can greatly enhance the customer service experience; for example, while mobile payments and communications are crucial for millennial customers, only 24% of Baby Boomers utilize them. We’ll explain how a partner that understands these differences can help you shape better strategies to engage each of your customers via the most relevant channel possible.

3 | Customer Empowerment via Personal Usage Data

Another important tool that utility providers should be leveraging to better serve their customer base is personalized usage data. Consumers want this information so that they can independently understand their utility consumption, track spending, and cut costs in their homes and businesses. In fact, it is estimated that providing energy usage data to customers can lead to efficiency improvements between 6 – 18%. We’ll show you how our platform can enable your company to rapidly mass-customize bills and communications with pertinent data and relevant tips to increase customer engagement and satisfaction with your services.

4 | Streamlined Communication & Self-Service Tools

With flexible cloud-based tools gaining traction in the utility industry, providers now have the opportunity to enhance customer service via centralized, customer-facing billing and service platforms. 64% of consumers are open to using a centralized digital hub, like Google Drive or Dropbox, for their utility statements and bill payments. If you are interested in discussing how Level One’s Self-Service Portal gives customers a robust, convenient, and secure solution to centralize and manage their account information, bills, and payments, stop by our booth.

5 | The Relationship Between Customer Service & Customer Engagement

Finally, we’re looking forward to participating in discussions on how effective customer engagement powers enhanced customer service for utility providers. We’ll share success stories on how strategically and proactively engaging customers when, where, and how they wish to be reached have enabled our utility customers to limit negative customer service experiences and lighten the burden on their customer service department.

Visit Level One at CS Week 2020

Meet up with Level One next week in Fort Worth to talk about these topics and more. We’ll be at Booth #623 to provide insight into elevating the utility customer experience, and offer practical guidance on how to achieve your customer service and engagement goals.  Feel free to schedule an onsite conversation with our team here.