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January 13, 2020   |   Customer Experience

3 Key Insights for Building Your Cloud Business Case

The expectations of utility customers are evolving rapidly, and providers’ customer experience (CX) solutions need to modernize along with them. A desire for personalization drives new requirements to collect and act on large volumes of data, but legacy technology lacks the agility and elasticity that utility providers need to deliver the individualized experiences today’s customers demand.

When compared to on-premise solutions, cloud-based Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions offer new and proven benefits for both utility providers and their customers. Below are just a few of the inputs that make a strong and compelling business case for cloud-based CX investments:

1 | Multi-Channel, Preference-Driven CXM 

Cloud-based CXM platforms are designed for robust multi-channel communications. That means that whether customers prefer texts, emails, traditional mail, or a personalized combination of these channels, they can enjoy the same consistent experience with their utility provider no matter how they choose to interact. Thanks to cloud technologies, providers can create personalized communications once, then seamlessly deploy them at scale, tailoring not just the content but also the channel to each customer’s specific preferences.  

2 | Reduced Financial Pressures

By digitizing processes like CXM with cloud solutions, utility providers can greatly reduce current financial pressures. As legacy technology ages and assets are replaced, utility capital spending is predicted to grow to $131.1 billion – spent primarily on updating old infrastructure. But replacing outdated on-premise technology with new on-premise solutions will ensure that this cycle repeats itself in the future. By breaking the mold and investing in cloud-based CX platforms now, utility providers can reduce their reliance on technology that will inevitably become outdated in the future and focus instead on a subscription-based, digital solution that offers dynamic software updates.  

3 | Rapid & Flexible Deployment of Customer-Facing Applications 

Finally, cloud-based environments are ideal for utility providers who wish to quickly respond to changing customer experience needs. With the ability to rapidly deploy new customer-facing applications without significant upfront investments, providers can delight customers with modern channels, payment options, and service tools at every turn. By relieving the burden of platform maintenance, security, and compliance, cloud-based CXM solutions let utility providers focus on what’s most important: creating effective customer engagement strategies for long-lasting positive relationships.

Create Your Own Business Case For Cloud Technology 

To discover more key insights for building a cloud-centered business case to solve today’s top CX challenges, download in our whitepaper: “Proven CX Improvements for Your Cloud Business Case”.

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