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February 6, 2018   |   Customer Experience

Keeping Customer Satisfaction High as the Temperatures Drop

It’s that time of the year again—the coldest months are here. But as temperatures drop, utility bills will rise, inevitably resulting in some unhappy customers.

Luckily, with proactive customer communications strategy, utility providers can mitigate customer concerns this winter. Here are a few tactics you can leverage to lessen the blow of costly winter energy usage while increasing the likelihood of timely payments. The key is keeping your customers informed and in control.

Usage Charts to Empower Customers with Data

By including personalized usage data in customer statements, utility billers remain transparent and informative about their billing practices.

One key advantage of the increasingly modernized utility infrastructure is advanced metering technology. Now that individual energy usage is regularly tracked, recorded, and stored, utility providers have the data and resources they need to show customers exactly why their bill is increasing in the winter months.

By including personalized usage data in customer statements, utility billers remain transparent and informative about their billing practices, decreasing the likelihood that customers will take issue with their wintertime bills. It can also empower customers to track their own utility usage, make necessary changes, and compare their usage to other homes in their area.

High Bill Alerts to Keep Customers Informed

Another way to help customers prepare for higher wintertime charges is by providing high bill alerts between billing cycles. These notifications estimate the amount a customer should expect to be billed at the end of the month, based on their rate of consumption for the first part of the month.

Energy-Saving Suggestions to Drive Customer Loyalty

Including personal usage data on billing documents is helpful, but better still is helping customers address high winter energy bills with targeted, cost-saving suggestions.

Such suggestions can be simple, like turning ceiling fans clockwise for heat circulation, adjusting the thermostat at night, properly insulating the home, and other helpful tips. Printing these proactive, targeted communications on winter bills is a simple step that can improve the customer experience and build loyalty throughout the ups and downs of the winter season.

Tackling Colder Temperatures with Ease

Don’t let inevitable usage spikes negatively impact your customer satisfaction. By implementing a proactive customer communications strategy, you can create stronger connections with your customers that keep them informed, engaged, and committed to you as their utility provider all year round.

Are you interested in learning how you can boost customer satisfaction this winter with an enhanced customer experience strategy? Schedule a meeting with a Level One expert to get started.